Benefits of Waterjet Cutting

29 Oct

Waterjet cutting comes with a whole lot of advantages to the users which makes them so accessible in the contemporary cutting industry. They are suitable not only for the people that have been in the industry for a long time but also the ones that may just be starting as well. Before going out to discuss the benefits of using the waterjets when cutting materials, it is vital to understand a few basics about the elements to help the modern people to make quality business decisions. The waterjets come in two major classes namely pure and abrasive waterjets. While the pure waterjets are the ideal solution for the cutting of soft materials such as foam and paper and use water streams solely during the cutting procedures, abrasive o the other hand is suitable for the cutting of hard materials since the water stream comes combined with granular abrasives that accelerate the power of the cutting streams. Some of the advantages of using the waterjets when cutting materials are as given below.

No limitations in the materials to be cut
Waterjet cutting is applicable and suitable in the cutting of almost all materials both hard and soft which is an element that most cutting tools and equipment in the market today lack. The versatility allows the waterjets to be used across the board for any material regardless of their hardness or softness and they become even more powerful when granular abrasives are added which increase their cutting ability by up to 200mm.

No heat affected zone
It is another significant benefit that comes with using the waterjets on the cutting projects. The technique is the ideal choice for materials that are sensitive to high temperatures as it does not produce heat when in use which is the reason why it is also known as the cold method. It does not only give clean cuts but also maximizes the operator's safety considerably by eliminating the risks and dangers associated with burns and other heat accidents. The shape and position of the materials being cut on the other hand remain as it was before which eliminates the damages and distortions that result from high amounts of heat. The service provider also saves reasonable cash that they would have used to enhance the finish by adding another layer as well.

Water jet metal cutting is also famous as it is environmentally friendly as it does not release any hazardous wastes in the form of gases and fumes like the other cutting methods. Click for more info about waterjet cutting.

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